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cPanel &Software &Website Hosting Alan Hartung on 27 Dec 2007 04:59 pm

GMail now 6GB Capacity – Including Google Apps for Your Domain

If you haven’t explored Google Apps for Your Domain or just plain old GMail, now is the time.


GMail and Google Apps for Your Domain capacity is now 6 GB. That’s per user.

Using GMail and GA holds many benefits. If you configure it from your domain’s registrar console, your email will work even if your hosting provider is having troubles. It means less downtime for your emails.

Also, emails do not take up space on your server or hosting account. If a user does not download messages off the server, spam will quickly multiply. I’ve seen over a gig of spam in one user account before! Depending on your hosting package, you could be scratching your head wondering why you can’t upload your 200k picture to your website.

The GMail interface for webmail is second to none. Searching emails, organizing emails, sending/receiving, anything you want from a webmail client… GMail powers it better than any other free alternative I’ve used (and I’ve used most, if not all, of the major ones).

One Response to “GMail now 6GB Capacity – Including Google Apps for Your Domain”

  1. on 14 Jan 2008 at 2:04 pm 1.James said …

    I second that, I use gmail ever since there it was in invitation only beta,etc. and it has always served me very well.

    On the other hand I have a yahoo email for 10 years, and the management of spam is terrible, I systematically pushed the SPAM button for every spam email and I still receive daily african scam mails as well as emails written in russian or chinese..

    I recommend this firefox add ons if you have several gmail accounts:


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